World-class research center ‘Center for Personalized Medicine’

The world-class scientific center ‘Center for Personalized Medicine’ was created on the basis of the consortium of the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution ‘Institute of Experimental Medicine’ and the Federal State Budgetary Institution ‘Almazov National Medical Research Centre’

Shevchenko Sergey Borisovich, Doctor in Medicine


Scientific and educational center ‘Molecular bases of interaction of microorganisms and humans’ WCRC ‘Center for Personalized Medicine’

Competence centers
Peptide Engineering Competence Center
Competence Center ‘Microbial Therapy’
Department of Scientific Projects Support
Department of Microbial Therapy
Laboratories within the department of microbial therapy
Laboratory of Oncolytic bacteria
Laboratory for Vaccine Prevention of Infectious Diseases
Laboratory of Personalized Microbial Therapy
Separate laboratories
Laboratory of Alternative Antimicrobial Biologicals
Laboratory for innovative methods of microbiological monitoring

NEWS of WCRC ‘Center for Personalized Medicine’

The Institute of Experimental Medicine held a seminar ‘Antimicrobial peptides as prototypes of new antibiotics’

The seminar is timed to coincide with the Year of Science, as well as the opening of the Peptide Engineering Competence Center, created as part of the development of the Molecular Basics of Interaction of Microorganisms and Human Research Center, the Center for Personalized Medicine, operating on the basis of the Institute of Experimental Medicine.

On the 19th of July 19, 2021, as part of the development of the WCRC ‘Center for Personalized Medicine’, the FSBSI ‘IEM’ opened a center of competence ‘Peptide Engineering’.

The opening of the CC was associated with a seminar with international participation on the topic ‘Antimicrobial peptides as prototypes of new antibiotics’.

TASS: WCRC in St. Petersburg will develop new antibacterial drugs and vaccines

On the TASS timeline in the section NATIONAL PROJECTS: SCIENCE-WCRC-PREPARATIONS-VACCINES, material was published on the WCRC ‘Personalized Medicine’ and the tasks facing the Institute of Experimental Medicine, which is part of this consortium.

A.V. Dmitriev gave an interview about the creation of the WCRC ‘Center for Personalized Medicine’

Watch the video of the interview with the director of the Institute of Experimental Medicine.

‘Center for Personalized Medicine’. A new structural unit has been created.

A new structural unit was created at the FSBSI ‘Institute of Experimental Medicine’ – the Scientific and Educational Center ‘Molecular Foundations of Interaction between Microorganisms and Human’ within the framework of the within the framework of the creation and development of the world-class research Center ‘Center for Personalized Medicine’.

10 world-class research centers in 6 priority areas received state support

The Institute of Experimental Medicine received support in the direction of ‘Personalized medicine, high-tech healthcare and health-preserving technologies’