The procedure for filing inquiries by journalists at the Institute of Experimental Medicine

You must send an official request to the director of the FSBSI ‘IEM’ if you want to conduct an interview or filming on the territory and / or premises of the FSBSI ‘IEM’. Requests are made on an editorial form signed by the executive director (editor-in-chief, editor of the department).

The request states:

  • main topic (subject of the request);
  • a link to the source of information about the subject of the request (media, news agencies, authorized representatives of state organizations, public associations, etc.) – if possible;
  • a list of questions and / or a script signed by the responsible manager (editor-in-chief, editor of the department) and certified by the seal;
  • in the case of preliminary agreement or agreement, the subdivision, department, specialist of the FSBSI ‘IEM’ is indicated for answering the questions posed or organizing interviews;
  • contact details of the editorial office and the correspondent

Application for media accreditation

Information occasion (event, date)  
Media name, city, website, contact phone number, e-mail 
Representatives visiting FSBSI ‘Institute of Experimental Medicine’ (name, position, passport series and number, citizenship, date of birth, contact phone number, e-mail) 
Consent to the processing of personal data 
Equipment for photography or video shooting (name, identification number) 
Information about the vehicle on which the equipment will be delivered (make and number of the car, full name of the driver) 

Contact for journalists:, 8 (931) 970-49-92 (Olga Vladimirovna Ostrovskaya, public relations specialist)