Information on the Medical Organization

Full name of the Medical Organization:

Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution ‘Institute of Experimental Medicine’ (FSBSI ‘IEM’).

Location, including separate structural divisions:

Administration and scientific departments:
197376, St. Petersburg, st. Academician Pavlova, 12. Travel from metro stations ‘Petrogradskaya’ or ‘Chernaya Rechka’ by bus №1 or trolleybus №34 to the stop on the Acad. Pavlov Street.
Clinic (hospital):
13, Maly Prospect Petrogradskoi Storony, 197198, St. Petersburg. The nearest metro stations are ‘Sportivnaya’ and ‘Chkalovskaya’.
Medical Science Center (outpatient clinic):
 5, Universitetskaya Embankment, 199034, St. Petersburg. Travel by buses № 7, 24 or trolleybuses № 1, 10, 11 to the stop ‘Mendeleevskaya Line (University)’.
Date of state registration:
Information on the date of creation of a medical organization
Record sheet of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities

Founder Information

  • The founder and owner of the property of FSBSI ‘IEM’ is the Russian Federation.
  • The functions and powers of the Founder on behalf of the Russian Federation are exercised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Ministry of Education and Science of Russia).

Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

  • Falkov Valery Nikolaevich.
  • Legal address: 11 Tverskaya Street, 125993, Moscow.
  • Postal address: 14 Solyanka Street, building 3, 109992, Moscow.
  • Tel.: +7 (495) 547-13-07; website:
  • E-mail:;
The structure of the medical organization Governing bodies of the medical organization

Visiting hours:

Administration, scientific and auxiliary units:
Monday – Friday from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm,
Days off – Saturday, Sunday.
Clinic (hospital)

The Clinic works around the clock.

Medical Research Center (outpatient clinic):
Outpatient department: Monday – Friday, 08:30 to 21:00, according to the specialist appointments schedule.
Dental department: Monday – Friday, 09:00 to 21:00, according to the specialist appointments schedule.

Contact telephones, telephone numbers of reference services, e-mail addresses:

Reception of the director of the FSBSI ‘IEM’:
Tel.: 8 (812) 234-68-68;
FSBSI ‘IEM’ website:
IEM Clinic
Главный врач:

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Tel. receptionist: (812) 237-10-11
Registration office: (812) 454-69-00 ext. 1
IEM Clinic website:
Medical Research Center

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Tel.: Reception manager: 8 (812) 328-31-11
Outpatient Department Registry:
Tel.: 8 (812) 454-69-00 ext. 2
Dental Department Registry:
Tel. 8 (812) 454-69-00 ext. 3
Medical Research Center website:
A single number for enrolling patients in the IEM Clinic and Medical Research Center:
8 (812) 454-69-00

Schedule of reception of citizens by the head of a medical organization and other authorized persons