Regulation on the services provided by the Scientific Library of the ‘IEM’
  1. Basic services
Basic library services in accordance with the regulation on the library and the rules for using of the library are provided free of charge to all readers, regardless of whether they are research assistants of the Institute or not. 1.1. Library services:
  • Registration of readers, registration of library cards;
  • Providing of consultations and information on using of the ‘IEM’ library;
  • The issuance of literature and documents (at the request of readers);
  • Extension of terms for using literature, documents from the library funds;
  • Providing of especially valuable and rare documents in the reading room of the library;
  • Providing access to the electronic catalog;
  • Providing access to the system of card reader catalogs;
  • Providing access to electronic resources and to the library website;
  • Receiving and transmitting information by e-mail (in terms of providing information, consultations at the request of users);
  • Organization of thematic exhibitions and exhibitions of new arrivals.
1.3. Educational services for readers
  • Consulting support in independent work in the electronic and network environment;
  • Advising readers on the use of the catalog system and card files of the library;
  • Consultations on working independently with scientific search engines.
1.4. Excursion service for visitors 2. Additional services Additional services accompanying the main activities of the library are provided free of charge only to readers who are research assistants and students of the Institute. The deadlines for the implementation of these services are determined by the library administration, based on the amount of work ahead and the employment of  the library workers in a given time period. Additional services are provided to readers in the local access mode in the library when they visit it or in the remote access mode through the e-mail. 2.1. Making copies of documents and fragments of documents from the library funds (on paper)
  • Photocopying (in accordance with the rules of using  of the library);
  • Scanning with output to paper;
  • Printing text files.
2.2. Production of electronic copies of documents and fragments of documents from the library funds:
  • Scanning in JPEG format, translation of the scanned material into PDF format with the restriction of the ability to save it on more than one electronic storage medium (including computer memory) and a limited period of use of no more than 10 days, exclusively for subsequent reproduction in a single copy without profit;
  • Digital photography;
  • CD, DVD, flash card and USB device burning  (electronic media provided by the reader);
2.3. Additional reference and bibliographic services
  • Preparation of thematic bibliographic lists at the request of readers;
  • Help in editing the list of references (to scientific works of readers);
  • Assistance in assigning the UDC cipher to articles preparing for publication;
  • Assistance in searching of information using electronic resources (information databases);
  • Compilation of information on the results of information search (at the request of readers).
The documents that make up the fund of the library of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Economics ‘IEM’ are divided into two categories: documents whose copyright protection has not expired and documents that have passed into the public domain. Documents of the first category can be used without obtaining permission of the copyright holder only in cases directly established by law without profit. Documents of the second category can be used by any person for any purpose, and special permission for these actions is not required. In accordance with the law, workers of the library have the right to establish restrictions on the copying, exhibiting and issuing of book monuments, rare and valuable publications and other documents that make up the public domain. If you have a copy of the document, copying should be done only from the copy. The decision to provide the original documents from fixed assets for all types of copying is taken by the library administration on the basis of existing regulatory documents. Changes and additions to this Regulation are made out by the new Regulation on Services, approved by the Director of the Institute. With a large amount of copying services (photocopying, scanning), reference and bibliographic work by decision of the library administration and in agreement with the director or deputy director of the Institute, such services can be considered paid and performed with the written consent of the reader to pay for this work. All additional services can be provided to ‘other’ readers (who are not research assistants and students) of the Institute for a fee, by agreement with the library administration, as well as with the director or deputy director of the Institute. The cost of such services is calculated individually and based on the volume and complexity of the upcoming work.