Competence Center ‘Microbial Therapy’

The purpose of the CC (competence center) ‘Microbial Therapy’ is to systematize the fundamental knowledge available in the literature and accumulated at the IEM about the antimicrobial activity of probiotics and autoprobiotics, about approaches to the creation of new drugs based on them. The applied aspect of the studied materials: the possibility of using probiotic and autoprobiotic preparations in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (including in complex therapy, as well as various chronic diseases of internal organs (including in the complex therapy of oncological diseases).

The relevance of studying new alternative drugs with antimicrobial activity is due to the need to find the ways of overcoming the problem of the rapidly growing resistance of bacteria to the available traditionally used antibiotics. The tasks of the Central Committee will include collecting data and monitoring materials on the available methods and approaches for the development and use of probiotics and autoprobiotics, assessing their antimicrobial activity and deciphering the mechanisms of action. The task of the Central Committee is also to disseminate the accumulated knowledge and competencies among a wide range of specialists interested in these problems in the form of seminars, master classes and other events that promote the exchange of scientific knowledge; as well as the organization of popular science lectures for a wide audience in order to popularize scientific knowledge on the use of probiotics and autoprobiotics in the complex therapy of chronic diseases.