Prince of Oldenburg Prize

The prize named after Alexander Petrovich Oldenburgsky was established by the Institute of Experimental Medicine (IEM) in order to create and maintain traditions, promote the implementation of the creative potential of scientists, and develop fundamental and exploratory research. Initially, the award of his Highness Prince Alexander Petrovich of Oldenburg was established in 1913 by ‘a person who wished to remain anonymous.’ The statute of the award was published in the Archives of Biological Sciences, published at the time by the Institute of Experimental Medicine. The prize was awarded ‘for the most outstanding work in the field of Medicine, Hygiene or sanitation, published in Russian no more than 2 years before the competition deadline.’ The prize was awarded to the doctor M.N. Rubel in 1914 only once. The awarding of the Prize named after Alexander Petrovich Oldenburgsky was resumed in 2007 by the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute of Experimental Medicine on the 15th of February in 2007, Protocol No. 2. An updated version of the ‘Regulations on the Prize named after A.P. Oldenburgsky’ was adopted by the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute of Experimental Medicine on the 30th of June, 2016 (Protocol No. 2016-06). Order No. 280 ‘On the announcement of the competition for the 2020 the Prize named after A.P. Oldenburgsky’.

Лауреаты премии имени принца Александра Петровича Ольденбургского

Year Authors Title of the works cycle
2007 Totolyan Artem Akopovich, Nagornev Vladimir Anatolyevich, Burova Larisa Alexandrovna, Pigarevsky Petr Valerievich The mechanism of development of post-streptococcal immunopathological complications: the role of IgG Fc-binding Mlike proteins in their induction
2008 Korneva Elena Andreevna, Novikova Natalia Sergeevna, Rybakina Elena Georgievna The interaction of the nervous and immune systems, its disorders and possible ways of correction
2009 Rudenko Larisa Georgievna, Naykhin Anatoly Noyevich, Kiseleva Irina Vasilie-vna Development of research on live influenza vaccine
2010 Piotrovsky Levon Borisovich, Dumpis Marina Anatolyevna, Sapronov Nikolay Sergeevich A cycle of studies on studying of the biological activity of fullerene C60 in Nanomedicine
2011 Klimenko Victor Matveevich, Zubareva Olga Evgenievna, Abdurasulova Irina Nikolaevna, Lyudino Victoria Iosifovna, Karpenko Marina Nikolaevna Molecular cell mechanisms of plasticity in the developing and mature brain under the influence of proinflammatory factors
2012 Dmitriev Alexander Valentinovich, Rozhdestvenskaya Anastasia Sergeevna, Zutkis Anastasia Aleksandrovna Regulation of gene transcription and virulent properties of streptococci
2013 Kokryakov Vladimir Nikolaevich, Aleshina Galina Matveevna, Shamova Olga Valerievna, Orlov Dmitry Sergeevich Antimicrobial peptides and proteins as molecular factors of immunity
2014 Suvorov Nikolai Borisovich, Yakovlev Nikolai Mikhailovich, Vovk Oksana Nikolaevna, Konstantinov Konstantin Viktorovich Neurophysiological mechanisms of the formation of a functional state and behavior by the method of adaptive self-regulation with an external feedback
2015 Vasilyev Vadim Borisovich, Zakharova Elena Tikhonovna, Kostevich Valeria Alexandrovna, Sokolov Alexey Viktorovich The role of proteins in the acute phase of inflammation in a number of pathological processes
2016 Suvorov Alexander Nikolaevich, Leontyeva Galina Fedorovna, Kramskaya Tatyana Anatolyevna, Grabovskaya Kornelia Borisovna, Gupalova Tatyana Vitalievna, Koroleva Irina Vladimirovna Development of approaches to vaccine prevention of streptococcal infections using recombinant proteins
2017 Nazarov Peter Grigorievich, Alexander Polevshchikov, Igor Vladimirovich Kudryavtsev Immune cells and mechanisms in inflammation: new evidence and modern analysis
2018 Belyakov Nikolay Alekseevich, Rassokhin Vadim Vladimirovich, Trofimova Tatiana Nikolaevna Epidemiology, Virology, Pathophysiology and Clinical Presentation of Organ and Systemic Lesions in HIV Infection
2019 Sofronov Genrikh Aleksandrovich, Patkin Evgeniy Lvovich, Suchkova Irina Olegovna, Noniashvili Ekaterina Mikhailovna, Sasina Lyudmila Konstantinovna, Grudinina Natalya Andreevna Epigenetic mechanisms of the toxic action of chemicals
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