Peptide Engineering Competence Center

The WCRC for Personalized Medicine includes two scientific institutions: National Medical Research Center named after V.A. Almazov of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the Institute of Experimental Medicine. The WCRC has consolidated a number of specialists who are carriers of advanced knowledge and unique experience.

However, such an association entails the need to create a structure that allows you to save, unify and implement the transfer of intellectual baggage received in different areas and at different sites.

The formation of competence centers is a natural stage of development in an environment where it is necessary to preserve, systematize and increase knowledge. This approach is especially relevant in interdisciplinary areas, since it allows you to combine the experience, approaches and competencies of specialists in various fields.

The Peptide Engineering Competence Center was created as part of the development of the Scientific and Educational Center ‘Molecular Foundations of the Interaction between Microorganisms and Humans’ of the National Center for Personalized Medicine, which operates on the basis of the Institute of Experimental Medicine.

The purpose of the Central Committee ‘Peptide Engineering’ is the accumulation, formalization and dissemination of knowledge gained in the SEC ‘Molecular Foundations of the Interaction of Microorganisms and Humans’, as well as the implementation of effective communication between specialists working in this field.

To achieve this goal, it is planned to solve the following tasks:

  • to organize the collection of methods and approaches developed during the implementation of projects based on the SEC
  • to formalize the collected data into a single database;
  • to ensure efficient use of еру the SEC resources, both intellectual and technical;
  • to conduct training and consulting for specialists within the SEC and outside it.

The work of the Central Committee ‘Peptide Engineering’ will not only increase the efficiency of the SEC, but also establish the exchange of knowledge between specialists, ensure continuity between generations of specialists.

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