To the 80th birthday of Viktor Matveyevich Klimenko

August 15, 2023 marks the 80th anniversary of the famous neurophysiologist,
Dr. of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honorary Doctor of the Institute of
Experimental medicine Viktor Matveyevich Klimenko. The whole scientific life of
Viktor Matveyevich is connected with the Institute of Experimental medicine (St.
Petersburg). Having started research work at IEM back in 1964, student of the
second year, Klimenko V.M. later continued her as a resident, graduate student and
then went through all stages of scientific growth up to the head of the world
famous Memorial Physiological Department named after I.P. Pavlov, whom he
managed for 25 years.

From the very beginning of the scientific activity of V.M. Klymenko were
focused on the neurophysiological mechanisms of interaction between the central
nervous and immune systems. The results of the work are reflected in the articles,
PhD thesis and monograph published in the country, and later translated into
English and published in the USA and England.