Anniversary of the Institute of Experimental Medicine: Scientific Achievements and Modern Research

An ONLINE press conference will be held at TASS (St. Petersburg), dedicated to
the 130th anniversary of the St. Petersburg Institute of Experimental Medicine
The director of the IEM, Doctor of Science, will tell about the history of the
institute and about modern scientific research in the field of studying the
mechanisms of development of neurodegenerative, cardiological and oncological diseases, the role of the human microbiota in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, the creation of unique vaccines against various infections, including SARS-Cov2. Doctor of Biological Sciences and Head of the Department of Molecular Microbiology Alexander Dmitriev, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Suvorov.
The ‘IEM’ was created with the permission of Emperor Alexander the 3d by the
Prince of Oldenburg almost simultaneously with the Pasteur Institute in Paris and the German Hygienic Institute of Public Health, led by Robert Koch.
The event will be held in an ONLINE format. Media representatives can take
part in the press conference remotely with prior accreditation. You need to specify a personal mobile number with the WhatsApp application installed during registration.
References and accreditation:
+7 (981) 820-02-13
The address:
St. Petersburg, Shpalernaya, 37A
Source: TASS